4 Desert Trek 2012

4 Desert Trek  2012

There were tractors, back up vehicles and people joining and leaving on this trek as people had other commitments to attend to so couldn’t join the in the whole way through. It was a long way to go, the trek started in Southern Cross on 5th July and ended in Kalgoorlie on 11th September. This took in The Great Sandy, Little Sandy, Gibson and Great Victorian Deserts, so there were a wide variety of road conditions, weather and scenery along the way.

Several axles had to be repaired and 12 punctures from Broome before hitting the Great Central Road believe there were 3 more after that as well. Travelers along the way were very friendly and very kindly donating money to our collection tins for the RFDS.

Trekkers had a good time never the less, some very dirty, dusty tractors and caravans, campers by the time they got home.