AGM 2020

AGM 2020

AGM 2020

The AGM was held on Saturday 22nd February with 29 members in attendance at Cumber’s beach shack at Knobby Hill near Dongara.

The meeting ran successfully and all positions were filled with most office bearers maintaining their positions.

The meeting was followed by a very enjoyable shared meal and the opportunity to view the memorable sunset.

Members camped overnight and enjoyed a hearty BBQ breakfast before returning home.

Some of the members relaxing before the commencement of the 2020 AGM.

Some of the members relaxing before the commencement of the 2020 AGM.


The 2019 TEC Award was presented to Ross and Patsy Smith in appreciation of their many years of being part of the club and their ongoing attention to the Well 5 on the Canning Stock Route, especially their organising the Well 5 Shelter in 2019.

Ron presents Ross & Patsy with TEC Award



The planned reverse trek of the 2000 Steep Point to Byron Bay was split into two treks:

Starting in June of 2019 some members from WA joined with members from SA to undertake a trek to Temora where they left their tractors and vans before returning home to prepare for the main trek to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the inaugural trek from Steep Point to Byron Bay in 2000.

For WA and SA participants, the 2020 Trek will commence in Temora, then proceed to Byron Bay to join other Eastern Branch members and travel back to WA via Alice Springs to Steep Point, concluding in Dongara.

Preparations for this return trek are now well under way with departure date being 1st June.

Our Trek Itinerary for the 2020 trek departing from Byron to Steep Point and proposed dates are as follows:-

       WA Members will depart 1st July from Coolgardie, via Connie Sue under the guidance of  

       Cedar Armstrong, Jeff Fordham and Allan Faulkner.

       Those who have their tractors and campers in Temora:

15th June:-

Depart Temora 5 days Travel to Byron Bay

22nd June:-

Arrive Byron Bay, and set up camp for 3 days where we meet up with ESB Members who are travelling with us to Alice Springs. 

25th June:-

Depart Byron Bay via Birdsville en route to Alice Springs, which Cumber & Neville are organising for this part of the Trek with 28 days of travel.

22nd July:-

Arrive Alice Springs where accommodation is booked at Alice Springs Tourist Park, 70 Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs for 8 days. We will be joining with the Army fraternity that is passing through on their way to Darwin before they return for the Transport Hall of Fame celebrations.  They have organised events for that week in which we will join.  Some WA Members will be arriving at Alice Springs at this time.

30th July:-

Depart Alice Springs for Steep Point for those travelling there, otherwise the ESB Members will be returning to their homes in the East.