Trek 2022 – Kellerberrin to Perkolili

Trek 2022 – Kellerberrin to Perkolili

Trek 2022 – Kellerberrin to Perkolili

The Kellerberrin to Perkolili Trek was pretty memorable in many ways.  The wreath flowers were a little disappointing, but we were a week or two too early.

A great thankyou to Murchison Shire on their lovely tidy little settlement.  The caravan park there was right up there with the top parks anywhere.  Price, layout, and cleanliness was superb, and the roadhouse provided splendid meals.

Wooleen Station was disappointing. Would like to have seen government grants put back into the tourist side of things a bit more.

From there a great road trip to Mt Augustus, where their facilities have certainly been upgraded and an enjoyable place to stay.  A pleasant surprise whilst there was when Mick Creagh and Butch Lutley rolled up in 4 days, having left from Albany!!

Road to Wiluna was a great run and meeting John & Jenny Breeden along the way, so another great catch up.  Lots of confusion in Wiluna to which way North, south, East and West was.  With the tractors ending up in every street of town trying to find the Resource Centre.  A visit to the Resource Centre is a must and very well put together with lots of history.

Next road to Melrose Station to stay with Norma Ward. A bit of a mishap there for Cumber put a dampener on his trip after that, ultimately leading to surgery after they returned home.

Had a lovely 3 day stay at Granite Peaks Station with Jim Quadrio and children, being the ever great host, as always.  Unfortunately the good Lord turned against us and decided to wash us all thoroughly,  Unfortunately that changed the course of our itinerary in that only 2 tractors and one support vehicle were able to continue on to Well 9 on the CSR as planned.

Another great road to Carnegie Station where once again the hospitality was awesome, except for one mischievous emu who was into everything, a very naughty bird he was.  We stayed for a couple of nights there before making our way to Wongawol Station for a very informative look around and again lovely outback hospitality.  Our next night was a stay near Mt fisher Gold Mine where we were saddened by the departure of Graeme and Di Turnock.

Next day was headed to Leonora, where Cumber was just backing into the caravan park when his radiator let go, so thanks to George, they removed it and repaired it by welding and soldering and back on the road again.  Had a great tour over Sons of Gwalia.

Just out of there Geraldine got a call to say that her Mum had passed away.  Unfortunately their Trek ended there, so missing out on the Red Dust Revival and we left everyone at Kookynie and high tailed it to Dongara.

We then met up with a few of our fellow trekkers, who travelled on down to the Kulin Bush Races.  What an awesome weekend and so well organised.  We were very grateful to Allan Faulkner for organising the tickets, thanks Allan.