Trek 2000 – Poem

Tractor Trek by Peter Barr of Esperance

We said goodbye to Premier Court
And off we went or so we thought,
The Vics broke down but soon got started,
And down the Terrace we departed.

The Police support was mighty fine,
We should have had them all the time.
As their support soon tapered off,
The tractors started getting lost.

Bullsbrook-which way left or right,
Take it easy let’s not fight
Find the Bedford Set up camp
Hurry now it’s getting damp

BBQ in Stewart’s shed
Drinks and yarns then off to bed
Rons patrolling with his horn
Two hours later it was dawn

Misty drive through Chittering Valley
Very tranquil very happy
Bindoon hall smelt mighty fine
With breakfast cooked by Bindoon Lions

Moora lunch by Lions again
Then off we went to Jurien
Three course dinner it was tops
By gee we owe these Lions a lot.

To Cumbers shed and fixing tractors
Fuel pumps, engines, generators
Official start from Priory Lodge
The fishermen then waved us off.

Cumber should have had a nap
As we drove through the Greenough flats
For when we got to Geraldton
He couldn’t find his little map.

We found the oval just in time
And saw the cauldron lit
With 30 tractors in a line
We were proud to do our bit

Northampton did us really proud
And sent us off a happy crowd
Headed North on Susan’s day
Tiara for the Desert Queen

Nunny worked at Overlander
Changing motor through the night
Onto to Carrarang the next day
Trying to find a camping site

This bit ahead is gunna test us
Great big sand dunes looming up
The radios begin to tell us
Quite a few are stuffing up

Let the tyres down, grab a low gear
Rip her back from high to low
Give it plenty, take it easy
Go up backwards that’s the go

Total, absolute confusion
Tractors all around the joint
Four hours later, grinning widely
We’ve made it, Yes we’re at Steep Point.